Tubby Runs

January 29, 2009

It’s been one of those productive days without a lot of hitches. After finishing office duties (to be expanded upon later) – my colleagues and I went for lunch at the university cafeteria. The street leading to the cafeteria ALWAYS smells like sewer shit..it creeps into your nose and sits at the back of your mouth and on your tongue. It’s really disgusting, and not so appetizing, to say the least.

We got there late so there weren’t so many options. I went for the Swedish meatballs on a pile of noodles drizzled with tomato sauce. Well.  It wasn’t bad. Enough to hold me until I have dinner. Had a cola mixed with orange Fanta, and that was delicious. Added a few pieces of silverware to my ever-growing collection of cafeteria forks, spoons, baby spoons, and knives. I know, it’s bad – I plan to return them before I leave one day.

The worst part about eating at the mensa is the way you smell when you get home. It reeks. I got home and sat down..smelled something like funk, onions, and garlic.. smelled my pits..no, it’s not me..it’s my clothes. So gross. It doesn’t smell like you would stink when you go into the cafeteria, but something happens in there.

Soon I am moving into a bigger room, which excites me to no end. I needed to change my address with the bank and my insurance company – managed to get that done in less than 30-minutes without incident! Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Productive incident free days.

We were all going home and decided to cut the trip in half by taking a streetcar one stop closer to home – as we’re walking towards the stop there’s a tubby looking guy with a computer bag buying a sandwich..moments later I see the streetcar sitting at the stop and people loading – I ask my two if they want to try to catch that, and as I say it we see the Tubby guy with the sandwich ‘sort of’ running to catch the same streetcar and Jack goes, “If he can do it, so can I”, and we all had the same idea and ran with Tubby to catch the streetcar. Indeed, if Tubby with a bag, and sandwich in hand can run for the tram so can we. And, we made it.

Song of the Day: I Like It Rough – Lady Gaga


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