February 20, 2009

The unfiltered variety

This week we took the group to the Radeberger brewery in guess which city..Radeberg.

Radeberger boasts that their beer, a pilsner, is the first pils to be exclusively brewed in Germany. They exported for awhile, but stopped and they now focus on the German market.

I think Radeberger is a little too bitter – but on their tour they let you try their unfiltered pils which is only available at one restaurant in Radeberg and the brewery itself. The unfiltered isn’t as bitter, but isn’t as crystal clear as the filtered. I mention this because they pride themselves on the crystal clearness and flawlessness of their beer.

It's a beer disco!

It's a beer disco!

At the end of the tour you sit in a sterile white room that looks like it could be the operating room of choice for an anal serial killer. Even the beer assistant that pours everyone a sample wears a long black leather apron. That combined with the ever-present scowl make them look more like butchers. Creepy butchers.



Back to the beer and the tour.

Our tour guide was Constanze. She’s about 40 with long blonde hair pulled up into a professional bun. Her front tooth is ‘pierced’ with a tiny diamond stud (for some reason a popular style/accessory in East Germany). She clearly fake bakes.  Constanze has been my tour guide the few times I’ve brought groups here. Her script never changes, she tells the same dead jokes to the hungover students. For example,  “Now I show you where we hide the beer from you.”.

Hard at work

Hard at work

The city Radeberg doesn’t have much to it except for the Radeberger brewery. The town feels like it revolves around Radeberger. The babies there are raised on unfiltered Radeberger.

Round & Round

Round & Round

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