Fortress. Königstein.

February 25, 2009
Fortress on the hill

Fortress on the hill

Not far from the Sächsische Schweiz is the fortress Königstein. To get to the top of the mountain we took an old school bus for about 20 minutes. At the top there are a lot of tourist standing around for tours or waiting to buy tickets. They give you the option of taking a glass elevator made into the side of the mountain (for a fee) or the walking up. I chose to take the elevator – the cashier told me the view on the walk up is very nice – for some reason she convinced me by just saying that and we walked up.

Guarding a fortress might not be too bad

Guarding a fortress might not be too bad

The fortress used to be used as a state prison – and it’s pretty solid, so it was also where money and artwork from the Zwinger in Dresden were stored & protected.

I guess it’s a nice daytrip if you have a tourguide – because then they let you see this room that was used for receptions and royal occassions and there’s a table that rises from the kitchen below which is inside of a larger encircling table. Hard to explain, but interesting to see nonetheless.


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