My Pockets Are Empty

October 21, 2009

I’m excited about the revelation of the top 20 dancers for season six of So You Think You Can Dance.  None of the dancers have really captured my attention other than maybe the krump guy if he makes it into the top 20. My favorite audition from this season was this kid in Phoenix. Pretty sure he has ADD, but he was ADD-Fabulous.

I like that this season it seems as if the judges are giving people the benefit of the doubt for the sake of ratings and giving dancers that more or less have no chance of making it past choreography an opportunity to learn choreography and then get the axe.

In other news.. I’m back on an Ebay kick. In the last week (or two) I got a new to me but used PS2 and 3 games for 100euros. The PS2 even came with a bunch of games and a steering wheel. I’ll have to do something to get rid of the children games (Kim Possible 2, The Jungle Book, The Sims ‘Stranded’..?), but all in all I am pleased with the purchase. How can you beat something so sweet placed at your doorstep? With two controllers!

I found a new game to play outside of the  – classics – I had to purchase (i.e. Tony Hawk 3, Grand Theft Auto:Vice City) I wanted something similar to “Grand Theft Auto”..and I came across “The Getaway”. The-Getaway-PS2The reviews of it weren’t awesome, it got 6.7 out of 10 stars..but it was cheap.

The deal is you play this guy whose name I can’t remember and his wife is killed and these goons kidnap his son. In order to get his son back you have to complete missions for this guy – like dropping off people, fighting people, whatever..it’s not so bad except you can’t skip the LONG movie interludes between missions ..and there is no way to see how much health you have left after you’ve been shot ..nor is there a city map one can refer to during game play – except for the city map of London that came with the package BUT it’s just a real street map of London without any of the locations one must visit during gameplay. WACK.getaway_review_in_2_640w Something else dumb about the game is that if you start a mission with say, three parts..you can’t save the mission until you have finished all three parts. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t always have time for a 3-hour session.

Admittedly, I just started playing the game a couple of days ago and am only on mission 7. Just remembered something else strange in the game – if I hold someone hostage, I can’t let them go free. I have to either shoot them or break their neck. getaway1Okay, I shouldn’t be taking them hostage in the first place to shield me from enemy gunfire, but what if I want to let them go? Maybe I haven’t figured out that trick yet.

The game is still enjoyable despite its downfalls. We’ll see how far I get in the coming weeks.

Michael Jackson’s “Scream” has been running through my head like crazy this week. “Stop pressuring me..”


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