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Tower Heist::Comedic Heist

November 8, 2011

Is it just me or was Eddie Murphy heavily channeling J.B. Smoove in his performance in Tower Heist?


Work of Art::Episode 3 – Dirty Pop

November 4, 2011

N’Sync would have enjoyed this episode of “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” – the topic of the week:  pop art.

This was my first time watching WOA and I was entertained.   I caught the show by chance and I think I’ll go back and watch the first two episodes of the season.  What I like about the show so far is that the contestants aren’t catty..yet.  They all seem a bit flighty and inherently vain.  That’s fine, I guess.  They’re “artists”.  I like that one of the judges/critics visits the artists in the middle of their process and whether he likes their idea or not he tells them..what is cool about that, I think, is that it gives the artist the opportunity to scrap their project on the spot and start over with limited time or to plunge ahead despite the critique and hope it will work with the judges and stay true to their “artistic integrity”. 

I think the real key to going far on this show is going to be “WOH”, Wisps of Hair:

 Let me be totally honest.  I think that the hairstyles above look like nasty rat tails/half mullets/bad faux-hawks. 

Not sure why it is okay..what they don’t seem to know is that real success comes when you pile your hair on TOP of your head..not dangling down the back.


In addition to odd hair looked like phantom costume day:

And who is he supposed to be? Red Snowboarding Venom? Oh, and his name is “Sucklord”..or “Suck Lord”..I don’t know what that means either.

A lot of these artists have fun artist names..(Suck-Lord is not one of them).. Jazz-Minh..Bayete…and Tewz.

Regardless of the shenanigans, I already have my personal top picks.. male (2) and female (2).  But, don’t hold me to these.  They could change once I see the first two episodes. 

Who will be America’s Next Top Model?!?!

Oops, wrong show.

Meet the leaders of the pack..a very Stiff German Guy (Simon?) and a Gentle Voiced co-host..

Challenge: Create something POP ART.

Clue to winning this challenge: Don’t be derivative is what I took away from all of this.  The term “DERIVATIVE” was thrown around a lot.

Winner: Suck Lord. Just kidding. There’s something about writing -SuckLord- ..the winner was someone with a hair wisp, though.

Loser: I’m not going into who lost and why – I’m more interested in who almost lost:

A woman with “Bite Me” tattooed on her lip. A woman with the fun name Jazz-Minh.

Jazz-Minh got this tattoo “out of solidarity” because her sister got a lip tattoo:

That says, “Epic as Fuck”, and means absolutely nothing to me. I’m sure “Epic as fuck” also means nothing to Jazz-Minh, but it doesn’t stop her from acting out of some sort of solidarity.

Solidarity to what? Her sister looks like she might be a little rough around the edges and more than a little strung out on something.  Not to mention it doesn’t even look like Jazz-Minh committed to the tattoo as much as sister did. Jazz’s tat isn’t nearly as filled in and has fewer letters. Jazz’s looks like an unfortunate jail tattoo.

Jazz also had one of the weaker showings. She explained her piece as something dealing with celebrity culture and paparazzi and the Britney Spears dazed smile.  Jazz-Minh’s original idea was a direct (derivative) rip of Andy Warhol’s four square pieces.  The Stiff German Guy told Jazz that he found her work, “Unbelievably boring”.   This made Jazz switch gears and she decided to change her project and went with using two pictures of herself.    At some point SuckLord/Suck Lord accidentally dropped a splat of white paint on one of the pictures, but Jazz wasn’t mad.

She thought it was “meant to be”. I thought she should have scrapped the project right then and gone with some sort of self-reflective theme with the pop art..maybe using an image like this: Next time, Jazz-Minh.  Next time.

My final comment on episode 3 is this guy:

What was wrong with him? Was he autistic AND on Xanax?

Episode Rating (1-5): 4