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Another DNA Match

November 23, 2009

Or smash-up, if you will.

There’s a young girl on So You Think You Can Dance this season..season six, “THE MOST AMAZING SEASON EVER” or whatever it is the judges scream anytime someone gives an impressive performance in a dance outside of their own style.

Back to where I was, there’s a girl named Mollee. While I’d like to pick on the spelling of her name there’s something else about her that..caught my eye..

Mollee reminds me of Hatchet Face in Cry Baby. She’s a sweet girl, was Hatchet Face.  Blame the make-up people, not me.



Hatchet Face


The Seeds & The Ducks

November 23, 2009

I think he is actually saying, “and the dirt” but it sounds like “and the ducks..”

….this moment on The Office has cracked me up four days in a row and counting..



February 2, 2009

The Fab 50 are here. The pickup and transfer from the airport went smoothly. A few funny encounters today at lunch.

Funny Encounter #1:

Guy: My grandad has a knife he took off of a German soldier in the war.

Guy 2: Are you a supporter of Nazis?

Guy: I’m Jewish.

Laughter all around.